The Benefits of In-Office MRIs

trigger thumb surgeryIf you are suffering from a painful hand or wrist injury or experiencing the tightness and restricted motion of a joint or nerve condition in your hands, the last thing you want is to wait. Every day that goes by without answers to your worsening condition or a reliable solution is another day that you cannot perform routine activities. At Fitzmaurice Hand Institute, we understand that getting the care and treatment you need right away can make all the difference, which is why we are proud to be able to perform diagnostic tests, such as MRIs at our office. No need for follow up visits or traveling to different locations.

What is MRI?

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging, which is a type of diagnostic technology that is used to produce images of the musculoskeletal structure of the body. The MRI uses magnet and radiofrequency waves to create a clear image of the internal organs and structures of the patient in order to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. In many cases, the MRI scan eliminates the need for additional tests or exploratory surgery.

Why an In-Office MRI Matters

Experience and Accuracy

As an independent medical practice, Dr. Fitzmaurice can personally diagnose and treat a patient’s hand or wrist condition without having to wait on tests from another doctor or testing facility. Combining the diagnostic imaging technology of an MRI with Dr. Fitzmaurice’s extensive experience and training with hand and wrist surgeries, patients will receive an accurate evaluation to determine whether surgery or another treatment option is necessary.

Lower Costs and Convenience

Unlike other medical practices, patients at the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute in Phoenix do not have to worry about spending extra time or money to get the diagnostic information they need to get state-of-the-art care when they need it. Our patients do not have to travel to another testing facility, pay additional fees for testing or spend extra days waiting on results. The MRI scan is performed on the same day as the consultation, which can lead to same day treatment.

Same Day Treatment

The Fitzmaurice Hand Institute is proud to offer same day treatment to patients who may require surgery. With an in-office MRI machine, Dr. Fitzmaurice can get a clear picture of the patient’s condition and can determine whether surgery is the best option. This allows him to provide a direct course of treatment. Many patients receive expert surgical care the same day as the initial consultation. Using minimally-invasive technology, such as the EndoTech® system, which Dr. Fitzmaurice developed himself, patients are assured a quick procedure followed by a significantly shorter recovery time than with traditional surgery.

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