Recovering From Carpal Tunnel Surgery

For many patients, recovering from carpal tunnel surgery can be the toughest part of treating the condition. But not for our patients. At the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute, our minimally invasive approach and special supplementation make the healing process as easy as possible.

In fact, our patients are able to move their hand immediately after carpal tunnel surgery. We don’t use splints precisely for this reason. Splinting immobilizes hand movement and causes scar tissue, which, in turn, delays recovery.

A patient’s ability to move their hand directly following surgery is critical to the recovery process. Movement decreases any chance of scar tissue formation, and less scar tissue formation means less potential pain, all of which provides an earlier return to activity.

With our carpal tunnel surgery, there are no limitations as to what activities you can partake in afterward. Thanks to our expert team you can continue with each and every activity you once loved and even find new ones. The symptoms that you felt previously in your hand and wrist will be completely erased.

Another benefit to using The Fitzmaurice Hand Institute for your carpal tunnel surgery is that no long-term follow up care is needed. With minimally invasive surgeries, the results for recurrence are much lower than other types of surgeries. In general, less than one percent of patients see a recurrence of symptoms. After surgery, patients are sent home to return to normal activities without needing any follow up visits.

If patients do have questions about their progress, they can always use Telemedicine to communicate with the doctor. Telemedicine is a HIPAA-compliant software system, like skype, that allows users to communicate electronically and via video. Many of our patients travel from out of town and even other states, so providing surgical services that don’t need intensive follow up care is important to us.

At The Fitzmaurice Hand Institute we know how crucial it is to get back to regular life after carpal tunnel surgery. From pro fisherman to musicians and everyone in between, we’ve helped patients find relief and return to activities pain free.