The Dangers of Pain Killers For Carpal Tunnel Treatment

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be excruciatingly painful. Living with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be difficult, but as a hand specialist in Phoenix, Dr. Fitzmaurice wants to make sure you’re educated about the dangers of treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with painkillers. Like any other painful medical condition, there are dangers in treating Carpal Tunnel with painkillers.

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Painkillers Are Not A Treatment Plan

If your doctor’s response to your Carpal Tunnel pain is to load you up with painkillers, he or she simply isn’t addressing the underlying problem. Painkillers do not cure any ailment, they only mask the symptoms. Your doctor should recommend a course of treatment that can involve painkillers for a short period of time, but should result in physical therapy or surgery to address the issue.


Painkillers Can Damage Your Liver

Depending on the length of time and the dose you’re on painkillers, such as Vicodin or Percocet, there can be long-lasting damage to your liver. Both types of prescription pain medicines contain ingredients similar to Tylenol that can be difficult for your liver to metabolize. It’s important to make sure pain pills aren’t used for an extended period of time.


Painkillers Can Lead to Addiction

“According to results from the 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), an estimated 2.4 million Americans used prescription drugs non-medically considering using prescription painkillers for a painful disease. The best thing you can do is take your pills exactly as prescribed and wean off as soon as you think you can.

Dr. Michael Fitzmaurice is dedicated to providing the most advanced treatments available for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This includes the revolutionary EndoTech® System, a minimally invasive endoscopic surgical treatment for a variety of hand and wrist issues.

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If you think you may be experiencing pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, don’t get caught in the trap of using painkillers. The experts at The Fitzmaurice Hand Institute can help.   [dt_button size=”big” animation=”fade” icon=”fa fa-forward” icon_align=”left” color=”orange” link=”/patient-center/becoming-a-patient/” target_blank=”false”]Get Started[/dt_button]

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