Most Common Lumps and Masses on the Wrists and Hands

Wrist Lumps Masses TreatmentFinding an unexplained growth or mass anywhere on the body can be alarming, leading to worry and anxiety until a definitive diagnosis is made and any serious health risks are officially ruled out. While the majority of lumps and masses that develop on the fingers, wrists, and hands typically turn out to be benign (non-cancerous), any new growths or bumps on the extremities, as with anywhere else in the body, should be taken seriously and brought to the attention of a trained specialist.

Phoenix-based hand surgeon Dr. Michael Fitzmaurice of the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute uses state of the art diagnostic and treatment options for patients suffering from a range of hand injuries and conditions, from carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow, to hand tumors and cysts. Through the use of ultrasound and in-office MRIs, patients can receive detailed images during their visit. By doing so, you can avoid spending excess time for additional imaging appointments and can receive insight from Dr. Fitzmaurice as soon as possible.

Identifying Bumps and Masses on the Hands and Fingers

There are several different types of growths that commonly develop on the hands. Most are not cancerous and do not generally pose serious health risks, however, it is necessary to schedule an appointment with a hand specialist to determine the nature and cause of all growths and lumps. While many remain small and do not generally cause symptoms, some can continue to grow in size and cause pain and discomfort.

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Lipoma – Benign tumors made up of fatty cells under the surface of the skin. Lipomas may not present symptoms in the beginning, but they do have the potential to grow large enough to affect hand and wrist movement if left untreated.

Neuroma – Like lipomas, neuromas are also benign. They are made up of nerve cells, and often form as scar tissue after a nerve injury. Neuromas can be very painful and affect range of motion.

Fibroma – Fibromas are benign and typically do not cause pain, but they can grow quite large if left untreated. They are usually found in the tendon sheath of one or both hands.

Giant Cell Tumor – The name may sound scary, but giant cell tumors are also benign. They are most common in the tendon sheath of the fingers, and they can be rather painful and also affect movement of the affected digits.

Ganglion Cyst – Most commonly found in the wrists, ganglion cysts result from a build up of joint fluid, and can cause stiffness and limit range of motion.

Treatment for Lipomas in Phoenix

How a lump or mass is treated will depend on several factors, including the type of mass, the location, and the individual patient. Dr. Fitzmaurice determines the proper course of treatment for each patient after carefully evaluating all diagnostic tests and physical exam results.

Hand specialist and surgeon in Phoenix

To learn more about diagnostic and treatment options for lipomas and other growths on the hands, contact the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute today at (480) 526-5106 to schedule a consultation.

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