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Surgery Neuroma Treatment AZLike almost all forms of masses and tumors that develop on the hands, neuromas are benign (non-cancerous) growths. They result from excess scar tissue following a nerve injury, and consist of nerve cells. Most neuromas occur in close proximity to a joint, and can be very painful and potentially compromise movement and range of motion.

Causes of Neuromas

Neuromas can result from several different types of nerve cells, such as nerve fibers and the myelin sheath. In some cases, a nerve ending can become swollen as a result of trauma, most often following a surgical procedure. In cases where there is no abnormal cell growth, the swollen, injured nerve is referred to as traumatic neuroma.

Treatment For Neuroma

Because neuromas can be incredibly painful and potentially cause mobility problems that can adversely affect and compromise quality of life, they typically require surgical removal. Board-certified hand surgeon Michael Fitzmaurice, MD, of the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute in Phoenix, is an expert in minimally invasive hand surgery procedures. Dr. Fitzmaurice uses state of the art diagnostic and imaging techniques to evaluate each patient. After a comprehensive physical exam and detailed medical history, Dr. Fitzmaurice will determine the best treatment option for the neuroma.

The two most common surgical treatments for neuroma are a neurectomy, where the nerve branch containing the mass is cut and removed above the neuroma. The surgeon will identify the nerve branch that has the neuroma and cut this branch above the mass. Dr. Fitzmaurice will then cap the end of the nerve and set the nerve to prevent the recurrence of another mass in the future.

The second option is a nerve graft, where the neuroma is resected (removed), followed by a graft with another nerve ending.

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