Inspirational Patient Offers A Helping Hand And Message Of Hope

Phoenix Hand SurgeryWhen worrying about the daily stresses, obligations, and responsibilities inherent to modern life, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and lose sight of the things that bring us joy, hope, and peace. While all want to face trying times with confidence and resilience, staying motivated and positive while facing difficult situations like an illness or injury can be a challenge. This causes many people to become susceptible to negative thinking and depression, which can often make a bad situation worse.


In order to cope and remain positive through his own ordeal, one man—who had a series of serious health issues that led to a kidney transplant and the loss of both legs below the knee—refused to allow worry, self pity or doubt to steal his joy. In choosing to stay positive and look for happiness through a dark period in his life, Arb was able to gain a new and healthier perspective on his life and situation. Taking it one step further, he decided to pay it forward by creating a product and message that could help anyone going through a tough time to find some hope and inspiration of their own.

Faced with grueling surgeries, rehabilitation and physical therapy, not to mention countless medications and their side effects, Arb developed a little mantra to help pull himself up and out of his dark times. Beautifully simple and straightforward, the words “Get happy. Just try again. Never give up” became his go-to phrase when he felt like giving up, or was lacking inspiration to fight another day. Not content focusing solely on his own life and struggles, Arb decided to have the message imprinted on wristbands in order to make the message—and its profound meaning—available to anyone in need of a little encouragement and hope.

Along with his incredible story, the wristbands are available for purchase on the website  As if sharing such a powerful and inspiring message weren’t enough, Arb also generously donates 10% of his gross sales to various charitable organizations working to alleviate childhood poverty around the world.