You’ve used FaceTime with your friends, Skyped with your grandmother, and conducted a Google Hangout with your coworkers. What’s next? How about video chatting with your doctor? No, it’s not a far out, futuristic practice. We’re using it right here at The Fitzmaurice Hand Institute.

We know that our patients are busy, so that’s why we provide a quick and convenient form of communication for patients who so choose. Our Telemedicine system, known as VSee, is similar to any other video chatting system with one big difference: it is completely HIPAA compliant, meaning private patient information will stay 100 percent confidential. VSee provides secure, high-quality encrypted video where patients and doctor can digitally communicate as if they were face-to-face.

Now initial consultations and post-op care can be done from the comfort of a patient’s own home. No more time spent traveling to and fro, especially for our out of town patients..

Using VSee, Dr. Fitzmaurice can virtually examine a patient and suggest treatments options. Additionally, for patients already under his care, he can prescribe medications and follow up with them after procedures. Medical paperwork and lab results can also be shared through the Vsee system. Best of all, it’s simple to install and easy to use. With a few quick clicks of the mouse, you can begin video chatting with our health care professionals immediately.

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