Out-of-Town Patients

Out of all the hand surgeons in Phoenix, Dr. Fitzmaurice is one of a few who is known nationally. People come from all across the United States and even other countries specifically to be treated by him. Due to Dr. Fitzmaurice’s groundbreaking EndoTech® system, The Fitzmaurice Hand Institute has earned the reputation as the leader in minimally-invasive hand surgery in Phoenix and beyond.

Patients flock to The Fitzmaurice Hand Institute from out-of-town because they know they will receive superior service and attention. For these patients, we take their circumstances into consideration by providing them with several different services to make their life a little easier.

Out-of-state patients can enjoy the following when they choose The Fitzmaurice Hand Institute:

  • An initial consultation conducted long distance via video through our HIPAA-compliant software system
  • Discounted rates at certain hotels, such as the FireSky Resort, and discounts on town car services
  • Same day in-office consultation, ultrasound, x-rays and diagnosis
  • Two days of in-person care (including consultation and surgery)

We recognize that many patients do significant research to find the absolute best physician for their problem. It’s also what we would do for ourselves or our families. We’re honored that you’ve considered us within your search, and we want to earn your confidence and an opportunity to demonstrate why we’re different.